Ken Barhite: Saxophones/Woodwinds - grew up in Florida but has made Green Bay his home for over 23 years. His mom chose the clarinet for him to start in sixth grade because it was one the few instruments she thought her scrawny son could haul around. By high school he was doubling on sax and flute. Ken still looks back fondly on his band geek days. He spent a few years as a music major in college, and ended up with a BS in accounting, and now works by day in IT, having never let music out of his life.  

Ken has performed with many groups including professional orchestras, big bands, variety bands, pit orchestras, and small jazz ensembles.  His musical influences have come disproportionately through saxophonists named Bob Mintzer, Franceschini, Berg, and Sheppard. 

He’s married to a patient woman named AmyJo with whom he has three amazing sons.