The band Chicago has been doing it for over 50 years with a legacy of creativity, a signature sound, and music with a positive message. Chicago’s music continues to prove its longevity and relevance within the music industry. The band has produced some of the most recognizable songs in music history. Chances are you’ve probably sung along to more than one of their hits in the car, at home, or even karaoke night at your local watering hole. 

Alive Again: A Tribute to Chicago came together to honor the band that has provided so many with timeless music that we all enjoy so much. Alive Again is comprised of some of the finest musicians from the Midwest who share a common passion: to keep the music of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Chicago ALIVE! 

Alive Again has made the commitment to keeping the instrumentation, presentation, sound, and spirit of Chicago alive. From the classic piano riffs, to Chicago's evolution from gritty grooves to power ballads, from the passionate vocals to the thrashing guitar solos with a tight 3-piece horn section to top it all off. With Alive Again, it is all here! They will take you on a musical trip down memory lane and have you singing along with every song.